The BEVEL dining tables’ carved details create an elegant contrast between its bold angular legs and slender looking top.  An engineered torsion-box design allows for a strong and stable top surface while removing weight and minimizing the natural tendency for wood to move and warp over time.  The table’s solid wood legs attach with a hidden connection that allows for the table to ship flat for lower shipping costs as well as less impact on our planet.  A future heirloom, the BEVEL dining table utilizes the finest materials, the highest level of craft and the most careful engineering to ensure that it will age gracefully for years to come and eventually take on its own unique personality within your home.

Materials and Finishes:
American White Ash: White Grain, Natural, Aged, Darkened
* Please inquire for custom finish options.

Height (cm): 75
Width (cm): 80
Depth (cm): 185(145)
Weight (kg):  30.3

Please note that wood is a living material.  It is constantly moving and changing with the seasons and within its environment.  All products are engineered and crafted to the highest level.  Hot dishes, wet glasses, sharp objects, may all leave their impression on the wood and therefore assist the wood in creating its own personality.  Please be accepting of this idea as it is our philosophy when creating with real materials crafted in honest and truthful ways.  This transformation allows the item to evolve in a way that fills your environment with the natural energy of a soulful and truly loved heirloom.

Bevel Table 145cm Length
Bevel Table 185cm Length

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