Craftsman Collective

Contemporary Design meets Kyoto Craft

Craftsman Collective is a curated network of like-minded designers and craftspeople working together to produce unique and inspiring creations. Bridging countries and culture, we seek to synthesize inspiration and skills from artists, designers, and artisans in pursuit of the making of beautiful objects.

Our thinking is straightforward: design is the spark of an idea, but without the hard work and knowledge set of craftsmen–whether they be blacksmiths, woodworkers, glassblowers, carpenters, or metalsmiths–there would be no end results. For that reason, the signature of each artisan involved in a piece’s production is debossed on the finished item. These subtle but important “makers marks” detail the collective talent necessary to construct each piece and gives recognition to all involved in its creation. In our collected signatures, you share in the intimacy of the pride we have in our work. Our product items may take several weeks to build but the know-how involved represents a lifetime of learning.

Please note that wood is a living material.  It is constantly moving and changing with the seasons and within its environment.  All products are engineered and crafted to the highest level.  Hot dishes, wet glasses, sharp objects, may all leave their impression on the wood and therefore assist the wood in creating its own personality.  Please be accepting of this idea as it is our philosophy when creating with real materials crafted in honest and truthful ways.  This transformation allows the item to evolve in a way that fills your environment with the natural energy of a soulful and truly loved heirloom.