Designed to highlight the naturally occurring pattern of Kyoto Cedar, Kitayama Sugi in Japanese, the Kyoto Cedar table makes a bold statement in any space.  Skillfully crafted from solid wood and shaped to stack easily on top of each other, the Kyoto Cedar table is not only unique by design but also highly functional and helpful in any space.  Please note that this table may also be used as a seat when needed but we ask that you respect a weight limit of 90kg.

Materials:  Kitayama Sugi (Kyoto Cedar)
Finish:  Clear Oil

Height (cm): 45
Width (cm): 44
Depth (cm): 49
Weight (kg): 4

Please note that wood is a living material.  It is constantly moving and changing with the seasons and within its environment.  All products are engineered and crafted to the highest level.  Hot dishes, wet glasses, sharp objects, may all leave their impression on the wood and therefore assist the wood in creating its own personality.  Please be accepting of this idea as it is our philosophy when creating with real materials crafted in honest and truthful ways.  This transformation allows the item to evolve in a way that fills your environment with the natural energy of a soulful and truly loved heirloom.

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